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Quality in sound recordings

The sound quality is key to a successful production. That's why at studio MACA, all the features necessary for the realization of good recording have been scrupulously studied. Be it the cabin treatment, the quality of the microphones, the wiring, the preamps, the converters, everything has been optimized to obtain the best sound rendering. You will be able to realize all your projects with the best sound quality.

Live recording

We record your music, no matter what style you play. Come with or without your instruments and we will record you in your usual configuration. We can record up to 32 separate tracks and mix your project according to your desires and requirements.

Track by track

We can also make your recordings track by track, integrating or not your own recordings. This technique is the most widespread today in musical productions. This allows a better optimization for each sound and mixing treatments.


We also record your voices on backing tracks, recordings for commercials, dubbing, voiceovers ... Whether for singers or actors, the studio MACA is very well equipped for voice recording.

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