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Mastering by Stems

Stem mastering combines several stems or stereo groups of instruments to create a final master.
It is a more time-consuming method but gives the engineer more freedom to modify the separate volumes on each stem to ensure a more accurate result for the client.

Stereo Mastering

In stereo mastering, our engineers use a single stereo mix as the sound source.
They adjust the frequency response, dynamics, LUFS levels, stereo image, etc. to optimize the track for distribution.
This is the most common and fastest method of mastering.

What is the mastering?

Audio mastering is the final step in the music production process. It is the post-production process of optimizing the music and preparing it for distribution.

The mastering stage involves signal processing with equalization, compression, saturation, stereo enhancement, limiting, audio restoration and other finishing touches.

Our mastering engineers adhere to specific loudness standards when creating digital masters. You'll have the option of choosing between several versions :

  • A version in .wav 16bit/44.1khz format + DDP image for CD pressing.

  • A .wav 24bit/44.1khz version with lower compression to meet the LUFS standards of streaming applications such as Spotify, Youtube, Deezer, Apple Music, etc.

  • An mp3 version at 320kpbs for personal use.

  • Additional version: The versions of the track you would like to master in the same way as the main mix: Instrumental, a cappella, TV-Track, vocal up, vocal down, radio...

  • DDP: Ask for your DDP if you want to make a pressing on CD.

  • Delivery: Standard delivery is made within 5 working days.


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