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The Mixtering

The simplified mix works by processing groups of tracks (called "stems"). For example, you provide us with a drum group, a guitar group, a bass group and a vocal group, and we process these groups separately.

This method is recommended if you have already managed to balance your bands and you just want to optimize the sound and have a homogeneous mix. The main interest is the saving of time because the session is much less crowded, and thus a reduction of the price of your mix.

On-Line Mixing

We mix your project remotely, by sending your files via WeTransfer (for example). You send us a flattening of the tracks (without treatment or effect) and with preferably some references for each title (music style + band influence), and we send you back the mix remotely.

Mixing in the studio

We realize several forms of mixing adapted to your requirements and your constraints. Whether you have done the takes at our studio, in another studio or even at home, the audio mixing can be done at Studio Maca. 

Most of the mixing is done on the "In-The-Box" computer using the best plugins on the market, but also using analog processing on the master bus.

The main advantage of this technique is that we can come back to the mix at any time, all the settings being entirely saved.


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